Monday, January 23, 2012

Block the Third

Well, this one doesn't pack quite the punch the other ones have, but I think that will turn out to be a good thing.  A relatively quiet block in the midst of the craziness will probably provide welcome respite for the eye.  We shall see!

These blocks really take it out of me mentally.  I must have my brain turned on at all times, which is a challenge for me to say the least.  As a result, I need to take a day or two off in between blocks, but that doesn't mean I want a break from sewing entirely.  So, I've got an "in between-er" project to work on.

This cute little zippered pouch was part of a series that the Sweetwater gals did called "Countdown to Kisses." Each day for, gosh I'm not entirely sure how many days, they released a project that you could purchase as a kit from them.  They were all darling, of course, but this little pouch really spoke to me.  The kit makes three pouches, so one for my daughter, one for my Mother-In-Law and one for my Mom.  The boys in my life will get something else.  I can't decide if I should fill them with sweets, or if I should put in some girlie stuff like lip gloss or nail polish.  What do you think?

PS. iamnotafraidofzippers, iamnotafraidofzippers, iamnotafraidofzippers
(If I say it enough, I hope it will come true!)


  1. The block looks great! I've got plans for a subtle one on mine too :)

  2. Really, don't be afraid of zippers..I spent a lot of time and energy avoiding zipper. But once you do one with good directions, well it just seems easy after that.