Monday, May 7, 2012

Did I Miss the Wonky Bus?

I have been having such fun noodling around with my bundle of Aneela's Little Apples.

It may be because of my strict culinary school background, but when I first started quilting nearly two years ago, I required myself to master the basics before I allowed myself to do some of the more "freestyle" techniques that I was so attracted to.  I could hear the chilling voice of Master Chef Uwe Hessner telling me, "One must first learn to prepare the redfish properly before one can properly blacken it."

So, I set out to learn all the traditional fabric preparation, cutting, measuring and sewing techniques.  Everything from starching and ironing to rotary cutter safety and the ever elusive scant 1/4 inch seam.
With Little Apples, I started making these neat and tidy little log cabins.
I'm not sure if you can tell from the picture, but the white frame is actually flanged.
Technique by Julie Herman
I have to admit.  I am quite smitten with these blocks just as they are, but as I was considering what the next layer of logs was going to be I began to consider making the blocks wonky.  Wonkiness is something that I have not allowed myself yet, but I think I've earned a little bit of quilty irreverence.  I think even Chef Hessner would say I was ready to "blacken the redfish" so to speak.

But then it occurred to me that I haven't really been seeing a whole lot of wonkiness in the blogateria lately, and I wondered, have I missed the wonky bus?  Have wonky log cabins, stars etc. become passe?  Perhaps even a bit declasse?  Is wonky out with the in crowd?  It would be just my luck!

Please tell me what you think.  Do you ride the wonky bus?  I will keep these blocks on hold for now until I learn what better quilts are wearing these days!


  1. I don't do any wonky unless someone asks for it in a swap. I think it's harder to do and I don't always love the results. I like doing things the "right" way.

  2. I just jumped on the wonky bus about a month ago, so hoping I'm not late as well. You can see my results (or semi results...haven't quilted it yet) at I did some googling to check out the technique prior to sewing and found several tutorials from last year. Even if you don't try it with these blocks, definitely try it with something. It is so fun and freeing!

  3. I do wonky but I do it when I am using up I don't do it like everyone else. but then I don't follow trends anyway.

  4. I haven't jumped on the bus yet, but I have been thinking about it. It's hard for me because I am such a symetrical person. But it might be fun! I still see it everywhere. I think you should just do what calls you. I do love your cute log cabins!

  5. I doubt anyone threw away their wonky quilts, even if they aren't making them today. :) I say dive right in and blacken that Redfish! :)

  6. Soo cute! I love the fussy cutting! and the little apples. I think they're adorable the way they are but ultimately you are the artist!

  7. i think its safe to say when creative people are at their best they are most definitely on the wonky bus lol but as far as the quilt goes i say if you wanna try it go for it those blocks will look great either way!