Thursday, November 29, 2012

Do You Smell What I'm Cooking!? (Giveaway!!)

I've got something in the oven over at Moda Bakeshop!

     Today is a wonderful "full circle" moment for me. When I first started sewing a couple years ago, I learned so much from the Bakeshop Bakers. I couldn't believe that such great information was right at my fingertips AND it was free! I think one of my first projects was Chris Warnick's (AKA Frecklemama) 's Personalized Placemats. I think I have made those placemats in at least 3 different versions including a set of fifteen that I gave to my Mother-in-law for Christmas last year.

     I feel like I owe a lot to the Bakeshop, so it is a real honor for me to now be an official Bakeshop Chef. (EEK!)  I hope that you will make your way over there to see my tutorial for a patchwork wine bottle bag. It is a quick project using those adorable Mini Charm Packs and results in (I think) a super cute hostess or host gift for a holiday party.
      So, since I'm celebrating being on the Bakeshop, I think I should give you a reason to celebrate as well. I mean it's only fair, right?  I'd love to get you started on making your own patchwork wine bags, so I'm going to give away not one, but two Mini Charm Packs!
     Old Glory Gatherings by Primitive Gatherings for Moda and Cinnamon Spice by Blackbird Designs for Moda. All you have to do is leave a comment here. Now, you can say anything you want in the comment, but if you've been following me for any amount of time, you know I love a good limerick. If you write me a limerick I'll give you two entries! I'll also give you another entry if you let me know that you follow me here or on Facebook (



  1. To the Moda Bake shop
    I am gonna hop
    to make a bag for wine
    or even champagne would be fine
    Then we could hear the cork go POP.

  2. Cute wine bag - I'm no poet but thanks for the chance.

  3. There once was a lady called Mary,
    Who used to find quilting quite scary.
    Some chefs came to her aid,
    And with fabric she played,
    And of quilting she's no longer wary!

    Try as I might I can't think of a way to get your recipe on MBS into the verse but if inspiration strikes I'll be back!

  4. I can't think this early for a limerick... but congratulations on your Moda Bake Shop Entry and thanks for the give-away chance!

  5. I once saw a tute on the web
    That was clever and cute and quite loose
    While wine I don't drink
    I really do think
    This would work quite as well for Grey Goose!

  6. I follow you on Facebook! awolk at rogers dot com

  7. Give yourself credit, you have become quite an accomplished seamstress in such a short period of time! awolk at rogers dot com

  8. Roses are lavender
    Violets are blue
    I am Irish
    How about you?

    Loved your tutorial!

  9. Your patchwork wine bag is adorable! It would make a perfect wrapping for any bottle of wine. Thanks for sharing.

  10. I am so glad I saw you in the bake shop! I will be a follower now.

  11. I just found you, too. Welcome to the world of chefs...I'm a new one, too! I wrote you a limerick:

    There once was a Christmas party
    And the guests were all very art-y,
    I arrived with some bags
    For the wine, stitched from rags,
    And everyone called me a smarty.


  12. Thai is just what need for the Christmas party tomorrow. Love it!

  13. Fabulous fun -before my first cup of coffee. Thanks for a great way to start my Friday!!

  14. I just found you via the Moda Bake Shop.. I love your tutorial!!

    There once was a girl who loved sewing
    She sewed till her machine was a glowing
    All at once she would stop
    Into bed she would hop
    And sleep whilst ne night wind was blowing

    Greetings from Germany

  15. I just found you on the Moda Bake Shop but will be following from now on.

    I love to sew and quilt
    but I feel a lot of guilt
    for i spend to much
    on fabric and such
    so winning would give me a lilt.
    (give me a's hard to rhyme with quilt)

    Shawn from Michigan

  16. I missed the giveaway but I wanted to say congrats.