Thursday, January 3, 2013

Toile and Gingham. Gingham and Toile

California Girl 
My two most favorite combinations of all time, and I have yet to make anything with it. It's tragic, really. So, armed with a lovely gift certificate I got for Christmas, I went to the Fat Quarter Shop and started poking around. Just look at all the beautiful possibilities!

Gypsy GIrl

Hill Farm

Hope Cove

Incense and Peppermints

Once Upon A Time

Once Upon A TIme
This isn't even close to everything, but it is a tasty sampling, no?  Then I started thinking. Out loud. On Twitter. If I were to design a Toile, what would be on it? Well, milkmaids for sure. I always think of milkmaids when I think of toile. And peacocks. I'd like a random chipmunk here and there, and without a doubt there must be terriers.
Then I started thinking my toile scene must have a sense of humor. The terriers would have to be under foot (because that's what they do best), forcing the maids to spill their milk, the peacocks looking on in haughty distain, not knowing that the chipmunks are imitating them behind their backs.
As you can see, I was lost in happy toile reverie.
Man alive, I think I could design some killer toile if only I could draw, darn it!

Do you share my love of all things toile? What would yours look like if you designed one?


  1. Oh Mary you are so funny! I hope some fabric company goes with your fabric line - you could call it Terrier Toile...

  2. Hmm....I think I would copy your idea but add a couple of grinning cats.