Monday, April 16, 2012

A Huge Giveaway From Small Potatoes

From Mary: I know I said I was going to post on Tuesdays and Fridays, but I am too excited about the following to wait!  I'll be back again on Friday.

We all know as far as blogs go I am very

Hosting a giveaway was something I thought was for the kids at the other tables in the blogateria.  But guess what!  Thanks to one of those other kids, one of the coolest kids of them all, I get to give you something really special!
First, though, you have to read the backstory, because it's great and, well, you just do.


My mornings are pretty much the same each day.  When I wake up, I usually crack open my laptop and see what goodies are in my blog reader.  This morning, aside from a brilliant post from my buddy Gene Black on bias cutting (thank you, Gene.  And folks it is a must see if you were like me and just couldn't be bothered, but don't go there just yet.  finish here first, OK?)
There were these two posts from two of my favorite English roses, Katy and Lynne.  They are both hosting giveaways of Thomas Knauer's not even released yet fabric called Flock.
But there is a catch to their giveaway.  The winners of the fabric must pledge to use at least a portion of it to make a quilt for

Quilts for Siblings Together

Siblings Together is a British organization that helps children who are in the British Care System  maintain contact with their siblings from whom they have been separated.  Please click on the link.  Lynn can tell their story much better than I.
OK, so I read Katy and Lynne's blog posts, and was thinking about how I might participate, when I moved on to another gal at the Brit table in the blogateria, Aneela Hoey.  Aneela is also having a giveaway of two of her wonderful quilt patterns, Bloom and Delightful.  When I entered, I told her I would use these patterns when I made quilts for Siblings together.
Then I went to walk the dogs.
Because they always ask so nicely.
When I returned, I had an email from Aneela with a really sweet note and BOTH of the pdf patterns she is currently giving away! I said to myself, "Self!  You must try and pay this blessing forward!" So, I asked Aneela if I could give the patterns to one of you folks IF you promised to make a Siblings Together quilt with them like I am.  She said, "YES!"
So, here is what you must do:
1) follow me, and tell me in the comment form that you are.

Here is what you can do for additional entries:
1) Enter Katy and Lynne's giveaways and tell me that you have
2) Enter Aneela's giveaway and tell me you have.  If you win here and at Aneela's, you can pay it forward too!
3) Tweet/Facebook or blog about this giveaway, and tell me you have.
Just think!  You could win two bundles of gorgeous fabric and two sets of amazing quilt patterns!
It's like a quilted treasure chest.
Winner announced April 30.
Good luck!


  1. Hey there, hi there yo there, thanks for the shout out!

  2. OK I love you, It's official. XXX BTW the deadline is end July for this summer's camps but actually there will be winter camps and weekend visits and trips and there's always next summer so actually there's no deadline really, if that makes sense.