Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Like Bringing Your Harp to a Party

But nobody asks you to play.  That's what my mom used to say about awkward social situations.  It is exactly how I feel about my giveaway for Siblings Together.  My very first ever giveaway, and not a single person entered!  Now, that's awkward.

I know exactly how she feels!  But I also understand.  I think I was asking folks to jump through too many hoops to win Aneela's quilt patterns, as beautiful as they are.  So, no hard feelings here.
I am still going to make quilts for Siblings Together and I hope you will consider doing the same.  I know one thing for certain; there is no lack for wonderful giving people in the quilting community.  We all give to what resonates with us on a personal level.


  1. You are so wise not to take this personally. And we all try to make a difference where we can. Bravo to you for trying!!!

  2. I love you for trying and for being your awesome self. You're fabulous - you know I think that, right?