Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Finally, Some Finishes!

Oh, does this feel good.  At long last I have put some major projects into the finished pile.

First up is my quilt for the Siblings Together charity.  This quilt started out as this:

But due to a tragic quilting incident and one broken machine it morphed into this:

That poor Bloom top up there may one day get finished, but for now it will remain on my shelf as a warning to never EVER think you don't have to pin baste a top before quilting it, even if somebody tells you it is possible! (Yeah. I did that.)

Luckily, I had this top that I made when I tested Amanda Murphy's "Bubbles" pattern last year.  I was ever so happy to get this quilt finished and packed up to go see the Queen. (sorta)

Next, I finally finished the binding on Fiona the Ogre Princess!
She makes me so happy!
Tia did such an amazing job with the quilting.  I find myself just staring at it.
Here is my new favorite thing about my new Janome 6300. It can EASILY handle machine binding. Fiona is a king sized quilt and I knocked out this binding in about an hour. Seriously, people, this is life changing for me!  My old Brother just couldn't handle going through so many layers of fabric, so all of my quilts had to be finished by hand.  Of course, there is a good argument that Fiona certainly is deserving of a hand finished binding, but the thought of all the hours it would take to do it was completely overwhelming.

So there you go. My finishes. Phew!  I've also finished the headboard slipcover for Fiona's bed, but I'm going to save that for my post on the Getting to Know You bloghop.  You heard it here first, kids. Little 'ol me is doing a tutorial!! Look for it at the end of July.

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